• $30.00

Carved from lava rock, each hand-painted Pampered Owl pendant brings forth the natural calming and grounding elements of ancient lava. 

Wear this necklace to de-stress, to meditate, as a reminder of daily gratitude, to remember loved ones, or as a gift to encourage a friend or family member.  


If you are drawn to this stone, you tend to express unconditional love and understanding to those around you, and enjoy its lavish return!  You also tend to look forward to new opportunities and appreciate the beauty of each new day.  Allow this stone to radiate its beautiful warmth and peace to you whenever you need. 

Hand-painted with heart-felt reds, passionate purples, and lovely whites in a design that represents complete and selfless love. 


 - Size: 1 ½ x 1 ¼” (can vary slightly)
 - Fine paints:  Hand-painted with fine acrylic paints and sealed for protection.
 - Adjustable cord:  Black cotton cord has hand-tied knots to adjust to 18".

Arrives to your doorstep in a padded gift box, with a small card that contains the name of the stone and its meaning. 

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