• $30.00

Carved from lava rock, each hand-painted Pampered Owl pendant brings forth the natural calming and grounding elements of ancient lava. 

Wear this necklace to de-stress, to meditate, as a reminder of daily gratitude, to remember loved ones, or as a gift to encourage a friend or family member.  


They say if you believe, then you shall receive. Inspired by rebirth and resurrection, the floral mandala design featured on this hand-painted necklace pendant keeps you believing in the magic of destiny.  Allow this stone to help you see the true wonderment in everyday life!

Hand-painted in Navy accents and bright yellow dots that put forth subliminal dimension, while shades of rosy pink form a pretty flower petal pattern.


 - Size: 1 ½ x 1 ¼” (can vary slightly)
 - Fine paints:  Hand-painted with fine acrylic paints and sealed for protection.
 - Adjustable cord:  Black cotton cord has hand-tied knots to adjust to 18".

Arrives to your doorstep in a padded gift box, with a small card that contains the name of the stone and its meaning. 

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